How to access property taxes & values for a specific property

Chicago Cityscape Pro members have access to our property taxes and values database for Cook County properties. You can view this data by looking for any property by address or PIN. If you search by address, we'll offer you some PINs that match that address. Use one of these suggested PINs to view the data. 

It's easy to view property taxes and values data for any Cook County property:
  1. First, sign in to your Pro member account.
  2. Search for an address or PIN on the Search page. For an example you can use the address for the South Loop Target store: 1154 S Clark St
  3. When you get to the Address Snapshot Property Report for 1154 S Clark St you'll see a map that shows three parcels covering the store's building, parking garage, and garage access road. Below the map you'll see under the heading "Property & Tax info" a menu to choose a nearby parcel (see image 1). 
  4. Click a parcel on the map and its description will appear in a map popup. Click on the PIN link in this popup to be taken to the parcel's Address Snapshot Property Report that will have detailed and historic property taxes records. 
  5. On the Address Snapshot Property Report for 1154 S Clark Street, using the PIN 17-16-416-008-0000, you'll see below the map the same heading "Property & Tax info", but there's now a table of the historic property taxes and assessed values (see image 2). 

Image 1: The Property & Tax info menu, to choose a specific property that's near the Address Snapshot. 

Image 2: After choosing a specific property from the map or menu, the historic property taxes and assessed values appear. 

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