How to draw a Custom Place

Chicago Cityscape members have access to the Draw page where they can draw on a map a custom boundary or line in or near which the database will find building permits. The Custom, or "member-drawn", Place will be saved when given a name, or deleted within a couple of days if not given a name. The Custom Place is visible to other members, or can be made private.

Read these instructions on how to make a Custom Place, or watch the video below. 

  • Access the Draw page. You'll be asked to log in if you're not already.
  • Decide which drawing tool you want and then click on it. Choose from three tools: rectangle/square, polygon (for any shape), or line (for drawing streets). 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions that hover around your mouse. To finish drawing a polygon or line, click the last square. 
  • When you finish drawing your shape the database will immediately count and summarize building permits "within" or "near" that shape. We search within for rectangle, squares, and polygons, and near (up to 1/8 mile) for lines. 
  • The count and summary is then shown to the right of the map. If this result seems reasonable, click on the link to be taken to the newly-created Custom Place page where you can see all the building permits and give the Place a name (required in order to save it). 

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